Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yee Haw Fun!

I shot the Western Director of the United States. Stone cold dead. Twice.

Then he shot me.

Obviously, we were just using blanks. All the same, I was pretty proud of my gunslinging ability.

Friday night we all shared a wonderful western adventure. I won't make any claim as to the authenticity of our experience, but it sure was fun.

It was a beautiful outdoor setting atop a mesa. It was a great opportunity for us all to express our inner cowboy or cowgirl- gunslinging, pitching horseshoes and lassoing. Doc Holiday, Pocohontas and a crazy bunch of urban cowboys contributed to the lively evening. There was even some line dancing involved, though not strictly of the country-western kind.

One of the highlights of the night was the 212 club, roaring up on the back of Harley Davidsons, special treatment in honor of their superb performance in 2007. Though the fireworks have faded, it's a night we'll all remember fondly for some time to come.

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