Monday, May 19, 2008

Competitive Advantages

One question savvy candidates often ask me is how Linvatec's products compare to our competitors. I was able to broaden my knowledge of the competitive advantages through the training sessions last week. Here are a few highlights.

Sports Medicine
  1. Self-reinforced bioabsorbable material- When I compared samples, the non-reinforced material broke after a few bends. I am still trying to break the unique, self-reinforced material that Linvatec's bioabsorbable implants are made of. No luck so far. This material is used for products like the Matryx screw and Fracture fixation line. One of the product managers explained that there is an obvious benefit to greater strength when these implants are used in knees, ankles and feet where they are sure to be subjected to wear and tear.
  2. New products- such a patented Sentinel Drill Bits and a hip arthroscopy kit for that new, emerging arena are innovative additions to Linvatec's already extensive line
Power Products
  1. Cleaning- Linvatec's large bone M-Power and small bone Micropower lines can be cleaned through the washer/sanitizer. Our major competitor's products should be scrubbed by hand. This advantage results in a labor savings for customers and meets the AORN preferred standards of care.
  2. Because Linvatec's power products are better sealed, they are more reliable and durable
  3. 2 years warranty standard, versus 1 year for competitor's
  1. Our camera can be routinely autoclaved- again, a significant cost and labor savings for the hospital, with a 5 year warranty against steam capture to back it up
  2. Patented ShockFlex prism mounting protects the camera from damage if dropped

I don't think our product offering has ever been stronger. It is a great opportunity for reps who want to represent products of exceptional quality and a company who stands behind them, every step of the way.

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