Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why I Love Linvatec

As I mentioned previously, we have started work on revamping the career section of Linvatec's website. The group of designers we are working with are very talented and have some great ideas. I think the final results will be exciting.

This project has prompted me to think about my experience with Linvatec.

If you read between the lines on the previous post, Sonny Crockett saw a great opportunity to have an impact in his territory. He was excited about the products (the quality and breadth of the offering), the chance to sell in the O.R. to surgeons, the potential earnings, and I think through the interview process, he also meet a manager that he was interested in working for. These reasons might summarize why he decided to take a position with Linvatec's distributor.

He's stayed because the earnings, current and future, are real and substantial. He is fully convinced after winning some deals and feedback from his customers that our products are outstanding. The competition is exciting. His success is supported and appreciated as an important contribution to his team and the company. He might add to these reasons, but I don't think he's disagree with any of them as I've stated them here.

My reasons for joining Linvatec over 10 years ago were similar. The products are exciting and meaningful. Linvatec is also a solid, stable company. Part of that is due to responsible management. Part of that is due to the products. Linvatec offers a portfolio of essential surgical tools, not some fly-by-night niche products. I also saw the potential for having an impact. Actually, a better way to describe it might be an invitation to have an impact.

Here are some reasons I've continued my relationship with Linvatec:
1. risk taking
2. autonomy
3. ideas/creativity
4. access to senior mgmt
5. growth opportunities
6. flexible career path
7. congeniality
8. positive feedback
9. everyone matters

I will return to these ideas in future posts to expand upon them.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sonny Crockett's Great Year

It has been an amazing first year for Sonny Crockett (not his real name obviously). He started on Labor Day 2006. Over the past year, I've interviewed him about his progress as sales representative for Linvatec's products in a downtrodden territory.

The territory he took over was every salesperson's nightmare: inconsistent representation had allowed the competition to dominate the market. Despite these challenges, he has exceeded expectations in every way. He has doubled the business in his territory since last year.

Below, I'll talk to him about both the challenges and successes he's had this year on his path to success.

If you want to read prior interviews, search my blog (above) for "sonny".

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Great American Teach-In

My fellow recruiter participated in the Great American Teach-In this year. If you are not familiar with the Teach-In, every fall in schools around the country parents visit their children's classroom to share information with the class about their jobs. I think it's a great way to expose students early-on to different kinds of careers.

She received this great thank you letter from a student who was obviously paying close attention.

In case you find it difficult to read, here's a translation:

I though your presintation for the Great American Teachin was really cool because Iv'e never seen the inside of my kneecap before. Also you said you have enigenners there to make all the insterments for opperating on a person that has been in a car accinedent or something that could get a person hurt really bad, well when I grow up I may want to be an enigneer because I love drawing, and making useful inventions out of legos. I hope that one day one of my inventions will be used for one of the operations of the place you work at.

What we find remarkable is the level of detail he captured in his drawings, from her short representation and a video about our company and products. Look at the hubs on those shaver blades! Pretty amazing.