Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reports from the AAOS Annual Meeting

When the meeting began yesterday, someone told me that they'd heard the number of surgeons attending the AAOS was down significantly. Today it was a different story.

Due to the climate of economic uncertainty, many companies scaled back the number of representatives they sent to the AAOS this year. The result is that the people who are there staffing the booths are very, very busy.

Mid-day today, the report from the Linvatec booth was that it was busy. All the surgeon stations, where the doctors can try out the new products, were full and had been all morning. Linvatec's power products were garnering a lot of attention, in particular the MPower system and the React blades. The MVP- Most Versatile Suture Passer - continues to grow in popularity. Interest was genuine and leads are strong.

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