Monday, February 2, 2009

Search and Apply

Today, about 1200 people stood in-line for 35 firefighter jobs in Miami. It made the news I suppose because it is a good illustration of how tough the job market has become.

On the recruiting and hiring end, the downturn equates to a lot of resumes to review. I have definitely seen a significant increase in the number of applicants for our open positions. Some people unfortunately just seem to be lobbing their resume at any job they can find, whether or not they are qualified.

I have a suggestion- even if you think you are capable of doing a job, if you do not have 75% of the qualifications or required experience listed as a requirement, basically that is a pretty good indicator that is a waste of time to apply- of yours and everyone else who is involved in the process. Some qualifications- like "Bachelor's degree", or "Local candidates only"- are pretty much non-negotiable, so heed them well.

I have a lot of compassion for people who have been laid-off in this economy. In fact, it hit home pretty recently with one of my family members. Still, I think it is better to focus your time and energy appropriately, perhaps especially at a time like this, on opportunities that you are a viable match for.

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James said...

Hi Lisa,

I find your blog informative, dead on and just great. My name is James "J.K." Elkins and I submitted a resume earlier to the Linvatec recruiting website for the Account Executive opportunity in Greenville, NC. I realized that I did not include my NCAA college athletics experience. I added the information below the educational information on my resume and resubmitted 4 or 5 hours later. Will both resumes be looked at or will they keep the first and throw away the last? I hope someone gets the second resume that I submitted. I have extensive experience selling into the OR and working with Orthopedic surgeons. I have been in the energy sales business for a while and really want to get back into the OR selling saws and drills. I am familiar with the Linvatec products as well as some of the competitors like Stryker. I am ready to start anytime. Thanks for your time and The Upside and I truly hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Jame "J.K." Elkins