Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Introducing Electrosurgery

Earlier this year, I began recruiting sales people for one of ConMed's other divisions: ConMed Electrosurgery.

It has been a great experience for me. Not only are the folks at ConMed Electrosurgery great to work with, but I believe it has also sharpened my ability to assess fit for both Electrosugery and Linvatec. There are differences in the overall sales process derived from the different product lines, and subtle difference in the organizational cultures of the two divisions.

What makes someone a good fit for ConMed Electrosurgery?

1. Capital sales experience- developing and managing a pipeline of business, identifying, qualifying and pursuing the right opportunities at the right time. Not that this isn't important for ConMed Linvatec, but ConMed Electrosurgery has an even more focused, capital-intensive product line.
2. Process orientation- at ConMed Electrosurgery, they have identified some key sales processes that lead to success. If you are someone who enjoys mastering a process, ConMed Electrosugery would be a good fit for you. I noticed this as a distinct element of the organization's culture early on, and I saw this trait in the first hire I made with this division. I understand this salesperson is now thriving. As a recruiter, that's just about the best outcome possible.

After filling 8 positions in the last six months, I still have more to learn, but have enjoyed my experience tremendously so far.

Next month, I will be going on a ride-along with one of the Electrosurgery reps. I will be able to bring you a "Day in the Life of an Electrosurgery Rep." I am sure it is going to be a great learning experience for me- and I hope for you too!

If you want to learn more about the products, check out the website: ConMed Electrosurgery

I am presently recruiting for a Conmed Electrosurgery Territory Manager, based in Cleveland, Ohio. If you are a local, qualified candidate, I invite you to send me your resume at LMcCallister@Linvatec.com for immediate consideration.

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