Thursday, July 24, 2008

Strong Second Quarter Results

Today ConMed announced second quarter results, posting a 13.9% sales growth compared to the second quarter of 2007. It continues to be a great year for the company.

Arthroscopy and Powered Instruments are the two categories which reflect the growth of the Linvatec division. As noted in the press release, "The Company's sports medicine Arthroscopy line grew 18.0% over second quarter 2007 on strong sales of single-use surgical devices and placements of integrated operating room systems."

Although it is not something that I've touched on extensively, the Linvatec sales force has an opportunity to be directly involved in selling and earning commissions from the installation of integrated operating rooms. These can be multi-million dollar sales which result in a tremendous amount of pull-through business in endoscopy systems and other products. Click here to learn more about ConMed Integrated Systems.

Arthroscopy+Endoscopy+Powered Instruments+Integrated Suites= One Giant Opportunity

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