Tuesday, July 1, 2008

O.R. Experience- The Next Best Thing

In an interview today, a candidate made me aware of a fantastic website called O.R. Live.

The site offers live webcasts of surgeries. Recent webcasts have included a partial knee replacement surgery and an arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery. The webcasts cover a wide range of surgical specialties, not just orthopedics, but also ob-gyn, cardiac, neurosurgery and general surgery, among others. I think this site could be a great resource in many ways.

For those looking to break into the industry, it's the closest many can probably get to first hand experience.

I can imagine those already in the industry may find it a great resource in many ways:
  • to prepare for a case that falls outside of the typical scope of procedures the rep is familiar with
  • to learn more about competitive products- the rotator cuff surgery features Mitek products
  • to watch and learn more about a surgeon who may be a prospective customer. What could be a better conversation starter than... "Doctor, I saw you on O.R. Live yesterday."

On Linvatec's website, we have a great education section that is not to be missed. As I've noted before, it offers numerous videos of surgical techniques using our products.

The chance to observe a surgery live thru a webcast seems like a really unique opportunity. If you have a chance to tune into any future webcasts- I'd love to hear about your experience.

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