Monday, March 29, 2010

The Perfect Ride-Along

Today I spoke with a candidate who went on a ride-along last week as part of the interview process. From the way he described it to me, I think it may have been the perfect ride-along. He got to see a good rep in action and four surgeries in one day of the same product.

Here are a few things he shared with me about his experience:

1. Although product was the same for all four cases (actually it was our new SRS system, so more than a single item), every surgery was different. In fact, he said the anatomy of each patient's shoulder appeared different, probably in part due to the individual variations of the injuries, but also because no one's anatomy is "textbook".

2. Because of these differences, each surgical procedure was unique. Each case called for some variation in the technique and instruments used for the repairs.

3. The rep played a crucial role in having different instruments and solutions ready for the surgeon and his team. The candidate commented that the rep "seemed part of the (surgical) team".

The reason I think it may have been a perfect ride-along, is because his observations highlight the learning curve inherent in becoming a successful surgical implant rep. He saw just how much surgical technique can vary from case to case, and how important it is for a rep to be on their game. Developing this level of skill as a sales rep takes study, dedication and what I like to call "time in the saddle". Being able to problem-solve in the operating room, while remaining confident and calm, is the hallmark of a seasoned rep who is an asset to his or her customers.


Clive said...

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Solutions Unlimited said...


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