Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interview Suicide

No matter what, never ever ever curse in an interview.

As a recruiter, I work really hard to find the best qualified, smartest, most enthusiastic candidates I can. When one of them goes to an interview and drops the "bomb", it is enough to make me want to jump off a bridge. Or worse yet, curse- but I don't. Because it's simply not professional.

(Please note: I even omitted the sixth letter of the alphabet above. That is how serious I am about absolutely no cursing.)

Most often, cursing seems to occur when a candidate is relating a story about a certain situation. They may actually be quoting someone who cursed at them. Not a good idea, however colorful or dramatic it may seem. It does not convey how tough, intense, determined or assertive you are.

The only thing it communicates is that you have poor judgment.

Not only should you avoid the "bomb", you should avoid any version of a curse word that a fourth-grader would be reprimanded for saying. I don't even like to hear my fourth grader call anyone stupid or say "shut up". Your safest bet is to keep it totally G-rated.

We all come across people in this world who are "difficult". Situations that are "challenging". You could also say they are jerks, and that the situation sucks- but I would think twice about saying even that in an interview.

I guarantee, the hiring manager will understand you, even if you do not use foul language.

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