Monday, March 10, 2008


From what I've heard, this year's Academy was a big success for Linvatec. Lots of excitement, on the part of customers, reps and everyone involved.

Of the new crop of products released, one standout may be the Spectrum MVP Suture Passer
It's part of Linvatec's Spectrum line, which has for many years been recognized as an essential instrument set for arthroscopic repairs.

I once heard the challenge of arthroscopic procedures summed up something like this: imagine trying to tie a knot in a piece of wet spaghetti with a couple of chopsticks (while the noodle is inside a box, no less).

I think the analogy I heard was a little more elegant, but still I think you can understand the challenge and level of skill required for an arthroscopic procedure. The MVP Suture Passer greatly simplifies some of the common challenges surgeons face.

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