Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feedback on "Pocket Guide to the OR", other resources

I received some helpful feedback on the Pocket Guide. Although I think could be a valuable resource, the comprehensive nature of surgical procedures is much broader than Linvatec's product focus.

For a more in-depth focus, consider looking into "the 'bible' of Sports Medicine, which is McGinty's Operative Arthroscopy."

Compared to the Pocket Guide to the OR, it is a much more in-depth and pricier option ($50 vs. $225, overstock discount thru publisher). On Amazon, there seem to be a number of used books available. The publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins seems to a specialty house focused on clinical and medical markets, with books on many more surgical specialties.

Also recommended, as I've mentioned previously, is the Arthroscopy Journal for keeping up on the latest topics in the Sports Medicine field.

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Lisa said...

From a reader:

I read your blog again today. For cheap copies of Mc Ginty's text, go to Google and type in the 13 digit ISBN Number. There are used copies available (some places up to 14 copies) ranging in price from $84.99 to $96.90.

Feel free to comment if you have useful information like this to add!