Monday, January 22, 2007

Do What You Love

One of the best parts of what I do is congratulating someone when they get the job. They are usually beside themselves with excitement. They may have worked and planned for several years to get to the point where they are qualified for such an opportunity. Landing a job in medical device sales is often the fulfillment of a major life goal for a candidate and reason for celebration. Before we find the one who really wants it, a person who is prepared and committed to succeed, we often talk to a lot of window-shoppers, people who don't seem to know for sure what they want.

The employment section of the Tampa Tribune had a good article yesterday entitled, "Choose Your Career Wisely". The article makes some solid points about why a job that is rewarding on a personal level is so critical for a achieving a sense of satisfaction in life.

Here's one part I like...
"People ask themselves the wrong questions," agrees Hodowanes, a career strategy advisor in Tampa... "They ask 'what kind of money can I make, does the career have visibility, what is the career path?' These are all the wrong questions. The first question a person needs to ask him or herself is 'what can I get passionate about,' because what you can get passionate about is also something you have an ability to do."

As I wrote in my last post, some people are rather superficial about their reasons for wanting to get into medical device sales. Everyone I talk to seems to have a "friend" who is successful in medical device sales. Sometimes it's good, because such people sometimes have a more realistic perspective of the challenges and potential of medical device sales, but sometimes there's more job-envy happening than serious introspection and commitment.

Do what you love and the money will come... it takes someone with a lot of hunger and self-confidence to lay aside questions of immediate income and focus on the long-term, but I guarantee you, that describes our most successful reps. They know they can "make it happen" because they know deep down that this is exactly what they want to do.

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And do what you love!

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