Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Writer's Remorse

Last week I had a serious case of writer's remorse. It's an affliction characterized by severe abdominal pain and cold sweats which strikes writers when they realize they've written something really stupid. Believe it or not, it wasn't over anything I've written here. And if you think I'm going to dish you on juicy details, you can forget it.

I'm still in recovery mode. Maybe that's why I've been second-guessing my last post. Although my aim is to present a realistic account of what it's like to become a rep in this industry, I wonder if someone looking in from the outside might find it discouraging. I was tempted to tinker but I've decided to leave it alone, in part because of the new hires I met today.

It's a good group and it seems like they are off to a good start. I invited them to start commenting on my posts, right, wrong or indifferent. Whether I get it exactly right probably doesn't matter as much as their willingness to respond and share their experiences since they are the ones living it day-to-day.

I only had time for brief conversations with a handful of them, but as I was driving home, it struck me that they are people who love a challenge. Among all the different personalities and backgrounds, I would say that was one of the common denominators in the room.

In life, there are people who thrive on challenges, and there are those who are just looking for the comfy couch. There are people who like the idea of being a successful medical device rep, and there are those who are willing to do the hard work it takes to become one.

So, if the last entry turned you off, medical device sales may not be for you. If the last entry made you want to rise up and prove yourself- well then, you may be headed in the right direction.

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