Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Something Special

The new hires have headed home from training with their heads stuffed full with lots of information. It seems to me that each group of new hires that comes through has a distinct personality. This time around, the group was professional and purposeful. Subtle, yet dangerous. Kind of like spies preparing for a mission behind enemy lines.

When new hires come in for training, they are always under a bit of a spotlight. The distributors they work for are always a little anxious because they feel their reps' performance at training is a direct reflection upon them. I'm usually anxious too because I feel the same way. Most new hires realize that making a good first impression on marketing and sales support will benefit their career in the long run. Then again, there are those who fail to take advantage of the amazing opportunity before them and instead get drunk, run up and down the halls in their underwear and go skinny dipping in the pool. It is a rare occurrence, yet absolutely fatal to one's career.

I do a bit of spying myself, checking in with the marketing and training folks to find out who's paying attention, who's working hard and engaging with the information and the people around them. One of the marketing managers told me about something special that happened when the group was touring the manufacturing facility. I think it's indicative of the class's character.

The class stopped near the area where our arthroscopy pumps are assembled. After the new hires saw and heard about the products being made there, they broke into a spontaneous round of applause. They applauded again near the assembly area for the powered handpieces. Bewildered, one of the production folks approached the marketing manager and asked who they were and why they were clapping. "They're the new sales reps and they realize how much the products you assemble mean for them and the company," he explained.

Like I said, this group didn't miss much.

I read a quote once about how to become a good writer. I've been trying to remember who said it, because I think it applies equally well to other endeavors. It goes something like, "Be one of those people on whom nothing is lost." To me, it's about being attentive, appreciative and resourceful. It could be translated many different ways, such as... make the most of the opportunities before you. I think many in this group will do exactly that.

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