Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrating Success

Last night, I had the pleasure and honor of attending the Electrosurgery awards banquet. It was fantastic for me to meet in person many of people I've spoken to over the phone numerous times, both recruits and managers.

I sat next to one of the President's Club winners, who will be enjoying a trip to Palm Springs. You've heard the expression about selling ice to Eskimos? Well, I am pretty sure she can do that, and would drive through a blizzard to make the sale.

Another table-mate insisted on closing a sale between labor contractions. Her exasperated ob-gyn was heard to say, "For heaven's sake, you are having a baby- put the phone down!" She made President's Club too, despite being out on maternity leave for 2 months.

Being successful in 2009 required a lot of grit and determination from salespeople everywhere, and Electrosurgery was no exception. The theme of digging deep to come up with that little something extra- one more call, one more prospect, one more sale- kept resurfacing throughout the night.

The top three reps each shared what they felt had contributed to their success.

3- Don't be discouraged by where your territory is today. Any territory has the potential to be great, based on hardwork and determination. Learn from the best. Seek out top performers in your company- ask them how they do it and implement it in your own territory.

2- Build strong relationships with your surgeons and they will come through for you.

1- Stick to your plan and to the process, every day, day in and day out. Stay positive and focused.

The margin between the top three reps in the company was extremely small. Between #1 and #2: only .05%! Among the three top reps, they had some tremendous wins this past year, but also many small, ordinary ones along the way. Their success resulted from unwavering commitment, discipline and tenacity. No rocket science, no black magic- just a whole lot of hard work. Their advice was humble, simple... and in the end, it means their success is repeatable and attainable by everyone who was in the room.

Here's to a great year in 2010! Make it great.

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