Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ride-Along Today

Today is a day I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I am going out on a ride-along with one of the sales representatives for ConMed Electrosurgery.

It is common for potential candidates to go on a ride-along during the interview process for many medical device sales positions. Today my goal is to get a flavor of what such an experience might be like, and to better understand what it takes to be successful as sales rep for Conmed Electrosurgery. To that end, I have 25 questions I've prepared for the sales rep. I don't know if we'll cover them all, but I'm sure I will gain a lot of valuable insight today of what the day-to-day of the job is like. (And I just thought of one more!)

If you are going on a ride-along, you will not only be learning about the job, but you will also be assessed by the rep, who will give input to their manager on whether or not they think you can "do the job". It's an opportunity for the company to take an in-depth look at you in a daily setting: how you handle new situations, how you relate to potential customers.

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Zack Rutland said...

Great idea! I cannot wait to read about the experience.