Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What I Like to See in a Resume

I remember reading a book once on how to write the perfect resume. It offered several suggested formats. As a recruiter, there is only one I prefer: chronological, starting with the most recent work experience at the top. It's straightforward and easy to read.

When I read resumes, I have a few questions in my mind.

1) What products does this person sell? Suggestion: Include a short description of major product (categories) and total number of different products.
2) Who does this person sell to? Describe the primary decision makers in the buying decision.
3) How complex is this sale? Expand upon the decision making context.
4) Results? Rankings and yearly performance to quota are the most relevant. Awards or outperforming quota in a given month are fine, but it's the final number at the end of the year that matters most.

If your resume can answer these questions clearly and succinctly for each position held, then you give a recruiter an opening to see past the obvious and recognize relevant patterns of similarity between different industries.

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